Welcome to the Western Trail Ranch located in the historic "Cowtown" of Wichita, Kansas. Our motto is "preserving the past while exploring the possibilities" of producing the best registered Texas Longhorn cattle in the industry. Most of all, we look forward to enjoying the friendship and partnership of like-minded folks raising longhorn cattle. 

The goal of our longhorn program is to produce exceptional cattle through proven genetics providing our customers and the industry with the outstanding qualities of horn, conformation and disposition.  

We use superior bulls in the pedigrees of our cattle. We have combined superior bulls with superior cows to produce exceptional cattle. We continue to make changes in our herd management to produce the best cattle possible.  

Our calves are the direct result from combining the best bull and cow genetics. We have selectively bred our cows to produce calves for building a solid foundation to influence the future of the longhorn industry. Please view our calves and do your homework. 

We have started selecting foundation cattle to sell as we have retained heifers and continue to adjust our genetic foundation. These are great cattle, but the old saying goes you can't keep all of them. If you see additional animals you believe would add to your program you can always contact us to discuss.  

We are members of the TLBAA and ILTA and use Hired Hand software to show off our cattle. The Hired Hand software allows us to list our cattle while allowing you to view pedigrees, measurement history, photos, etc. We believe this will allow you to make informed decisions when considering a purchase. 

Bill and Audrey Doolittle